Mobile game development will continue to grow in 2017, and this entails the fantasy sports market growth as well. Fantasy sports games allow players to control and manage fantasy teams that reflect the real-life performance of the athletes they choose. These games fuel the mind and give players a rush of adrenaline as well as instant gratification. Fantasy sports games have become extremely popular within a short period of time. Here are some of the trends to look forward to in the world of fantasy sports.


Growth of Daily Fantasy Sports               

Advanced varieties of fantasy sports such as Daily Fantasy Sports will most likely allow the market to grow further in the future. Daily Fantasy Sports is a subdivision in the fantasy sports industry. Traditional fantasy sports require team owners to play with the same group of players throughout the entire seasons. DFS games, however, allows participants to change their players and play several games every day.

Daily Fantasy Sports websites are becoming more popular, and one of the reasons for its popularity is the fact that they create more fan engagement and get more attention on websites and broadcast for a longer period of time.

However, this also means that DFS websites should think mobile first and consider porting to mobile platforms. Fantasy players are using their mobile phones to play their favorite games, and DFS websites should cater to this need. Simplifying how players use DFS websites or streamlining the games themselves might be the future of the fantasy sports market.

Some of the most popular websites that offer Daily Fantasy Sports are DraftDay, DraftKings, FanDuel, and Victive. Daily Fantasy Sports also allow players to filter out injured players, something that traditional fantasy sports don’t offer. This is also one of the reasons for the growing popularity of the industry among fans. However, just like traditional fantasy sports, players are required to pay to enter. This can be seen as gambling by other people. DFS groups refer to these payments as fees, but players joining these groups often see it as a wager or bet.

Fantasy sports have a large impact on how people perceive sports. Television channels were made to let fans get immediate access to all scoring plays. Some people even spend a large amount of money on fantasy sports related products. So, it is not really surprising that Daily Fantasy Sports have become very popular within a short period of time.  The instant satisfaction of winning in DFS games is something that season-long fantasy leagues cannot give. Players are also provided with a chance to restart every week. The large cash prizes that await players are another driving force of its popularity.

Traditional fantasy sports leagues require team owners to create a team, change their roster throughout the season and hope that they can win the league’s championship. This can be a problem for many people as it requires a lot of work and patience and they may not even get what they’re hoping at the end of it. With Daily Fantasy Sports, team owners can determine their success or failure in just a few days.  If there’s an underperforming star player or the fantasy player is injured, the fantasy season can be over fast. With Daily Fantasy Sports, team owners can create a new team every week. Innovecs recently helped a leading operator of connected entertainment experiences to develop hit games based on some of the world’s most popular and iconic properties.

However, while the DFS industry has experienced a large amount of growth within a short period, there are questions about its sustainability. The truth is that there’s only one major thing that may hinder the growth of the DFS industry – legal issues. In some states, there are laws that either outlaw or restrict paid fantasy sports. DFS providers need to adhere to strict stipulations for their games to remain classified as fantasy games. However, from a legal perspective, fantasy sports games are defined by law as a game of skill. This makes DFS a totally legal industry. With the rapid growth of DFS, it would not be surprising to see it rivaling casino games and turning into a billion-dollar industry in the years to come.

Fantasy Sports Apps

App developers are aiming to make playing fantasy sports on mobile devices easier. Innovecs software development outsourcing expertise in fantast sports apps development is unparalleled. Get to know more about how Innovecs Gaming can boost Fantasy Sports engagement. This means that gaming platforms development will only get better and players can expect improved visual effects, virtual reality, and animation services. Serious fantasy sports players want to get the latest news about injuries and updates. Fantasy sports apps can help keep them informed throughout the game.


Investing in Advertising

Many people still watch television for entertainment. TW viewer information has allowed advertisers to precisely measure the TV watching habits of their target customers. DraftKings and FanDuel were able to gain hundreds of millions through strategic advertisement, and venture investors are expected to pay for a lot of targeted television advertisements to improve their brand visibility and market presence.

More Acquisitions and Mergers

Some big changes will happen in the fantasy sports industry over the next few years. Fantasy sports providers will continue to improve their market potential and presence through acquisitions and mergers. A lot of providers are also expected to get domestic and small suppliers to boost their market share to help them improve their market outreach as well as distribution channels. These acquisitions and mergers are expected to help fantasy sports providers improve their revenue and customer base.

The Global Fantasy Sports Market has a projected CAGR of 10.32% from 2014 to 2019, so it’s expected to continue growing in the future. North America holds the largest market share by far, followed by Europe. In terms of user base, the fastest growing markets are the APAC region and Latin America.

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Everyday, VR technology becomes more of a household name. Despite the fact that its products now have no more than 1% of the total  game development outsourcing market, we see new, higher usability devices hitting the market. If you want an example, look at Razer and FOVE. Moreover, there is nothing to prevent ‘established’ names like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive 2 from offering new generation augmented reality & virtual reality technology soon. This, in turn, inevitably cuts costs, provides higher usability, and excites minds with outstanding immersive experiences. That means, more prospects are open to VR gaming and gambling, and someone needs to fill this industry gap asap.

Gaming & Gambling Industry and VR Era

Game outsourcing prospects are more or less clear: virtual reality products already exist and evolve despite current hefty costs and device imperfections. As for the gambling industry, according to Doug Dyer, Innovecs VP of Gaming, “This tech [VR] will become handy and comfortable to be used for virtual casino travel or to play slots.” Recent trends show the goal of virtual reality & augmented reality is to run applications on high usability devices with prices comparable to the smartphone’s cost. In this case, these companies are predicted to dominate an industry that is already working on their virtual reality products and developments.

What will you find inside

  1. Future of VR in gaming & gambling industry. Does virtual reality have a future, or is it just hype? Look at the purchase statistics and a poll to see what customers really need from VR.
  2. Implementation issues of gambling in VR. What does VR have to do with gambling? It seems these two are too different. However, experts claim VR can attract the younger generation to gambling.
  3. Games and gambling to dominate VR. Games are known as the key to opening up new technology boundaries. With this expansion, new application forms should appear and change the game development world.
  4. The User Base and Financial Stance. Thinking of outsourcing game development? Get to know your products’ users as well as the financial aspects of building an application via stats and charts.
  5. Beyond the gaming hype. What is the driving force behind the VR outsourcing market and are there real chances for virtual & augmented reality to shine? Read about why Playstation VR is to become mainstream.

Want to know more? Immerse in VR development while reading this paper.

Millennials and Slots

The value of global gaming market increases by 8-10% every year, while it is mobile gaming which mainly drives growth the most. The creators of mobile hit games have learned how to perfectly monetize their projects constantly involving more players in the process.


Millennials (born from the early 1980s to around 2000) grew up on video / mobile games, and they get their adrenaline spending money online, not having to go outdoors or travelling to a special casino place. They don’t play the slots like their parents did. This is the reason why casinos need to invent something new. In order to attract a new audience, casinos already put machines with 3-match games in the halls. A quite logical next step is to transfer mechanics of some shooters and casual games to the land-based machines. Moreover, these land-based gaming devices already resemble big tablets. The only thing they need to do is to attach a cash dispensing module. Devices resembling large tablets gain more and more popularity in casino halls.

We are aware of the high popularity of poker-like table games for the young audience in China and Japan. These are really trendy gaming tables where you can win a fortune (real money) by killing a monster, but its gameplay is lead out for a team play. Certainly, you can draw a distinction between this gaming table and a poker table, especially when comparing playing generations.

Where it goes

If we go back to the gambling industry and take a look at the slot machines’ evolution, we’ll notice that the games being created by market leaders completely differ from those of a couple years ago. Everything started in a simple way – with transferring the mechanics of a one-armed bandit slot machine to a web interface (in general, it was Flash) and providing a player with the vibes of a habitual casino hall at his home. Sounds of coins pouring from a slot machine, shiny elements resembling one-armed bandit backlight, well-known symbols of “BAR” and “Cherries”. All that made a feeling of a real process, and it was real money. Now let’s take a glance at the hits of 2015-2016 years: games featuring film or cartoon characters (Terminator and Jurassic Park by Microgaming or Dracula and South Park by NetEnt), 3-match gaming mechanics, a bonus shooter game in Aliens Slots, or an amazing show in Guns N’ Roses, where your prize is not just a jackpot with coin sounds, but a real performance with striking lights and music. These games are launched pretty much in the same way as Hollywood blockbusters are, with trailers, teasers, marketing campaigns, and announcements.

Guns BigWin

The focus of casino (slot) games are shifting to “skill-based” games, rather than “chance-based” ones just to target Millennials in a better way. For example, Gamblit Gaming is keen on games not traditional for casinos, these are “make a word – get your money” or “match 3 animals – get a fortune”. Their games are popular among the youngsters because they are designed to let players win gradually, instead of hitting a random jackpot.

Real gambling trends

After communicating a lot with our gaming clients, I would highlight these industry trends:

  • Not using Flash technology anymore and porting games to modern technologies like Unity3D and HTML5.
  • The variety of gameplay and additional functionality, which engages and encourages a player in different ways, like using visual and auditory rewards.
  • Applying habitual gaming mechanics in gambling, like a progression system or storytelling.

Since early 2016, we’ve started observing the industry trends more closely, so we’ve allocated our R&D team, which created a framework to speed up the development of HTML5 casino games. Now we can port Flash games fast enough or easily create games with basic mechanics from scratch. At the moment we are improving our library of interesting complex mechanics for potential clients.

We’re keen on visiting gaming events of all sizes, as every time we find something new or useful: inspirational ideas, fruitful networking, groundbreaking technology insights etc. Our local gaming conference has confirmed the fact that the youngsters are already involved and engaged. I think that land-based machines will be ousted by some kind of “very big tablets”. Gaming is a great community which unites excitable people.

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