Top 5 Gaming Trends In 2021 To Be Sure You Match The Market

July 7, 2021

Leading global game provider, Newzoo, forecasted the gaming market would reach $183.9 billion in revenue in comparison with $174.9 billion in 2020. Gaming solutions are getting more and more demanded alongside the growing number of players. And it is proved vividly by the statistics presented by

Gaming Audience Grow Since March 2020

Innovecs teams always keep up with the news on the gaming market and know what is now demanded and competitive. That is why we decided to share modern gaming trends with our readers to show which gaming solutions can potentially bring high profits to your business. As Yahoo notes in its blog reasonably, “Being forced to shelter in place due to COVID-19 pandemic” people are playing more games of all kinds. The task of the business owner is just to understand what’s become the mainstream.

Gaming Industry Trends

The JPost stressed AR and VR are taking the center page (outstanding growth of this technology is proved by $1 billion generated in 2016 and $19 billion in 2020). 5G is boosting new opportunities in gaming because high-speed quality Internet connection is a key success factor of online gambling. Expanded payment options and improved spectatorship in gaming also contribute to all the trends we’re speaking about further.

eSports Continuing Growth

eSport sector experienced a huge 69% rise over 2020 and is stated by Finance.Yahoo to grow in 2021.

“The rise in eSports will affect the whole gaming industry influencing the types of games issued by the manufactures. They will release more eSport compatible games like MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena)”

McBroom, producer of the McGamers on YouTube

BMW Group is selling tickets for the premiere of the BMW eSports Boost on June 28, 2021, announcing it not only as of the start of an annual series of events. They also name it “investing in the fast-growing gaming sector”. And the Guardian named eSports “a wonderful escape” under COVID restrictions.

Figures given by Statista prove the growth of eSports audience as rising from 397.8 million in 2019 to 474 million in 2021, and forecasted to be 577.2 in 2024.

China Leads The eSports Industry

Whether you are starting a betting website or an eSports app, you will come across with:

  • engineering the back office to manage agents activity and odds calculations;
  • dealing with the data efficiently to track odds statistics in real-time;
  • betting software design;
  • heating users’ experience with tech-edge art pieces and smooth betting experience;
  • racing video integration and providing third-party sports videos on your platform to capture and retain the existing bettors.

All the above-mentioned tips implemented make you not only be in a stream of eSports 2021 trend but develop high-quality products able to increase revenue via successful betting and odds management. And Innovecs can help you with this.

Social Gaming as Entertainment With High Monetization Potential

Once betting is popular due to risky feelings and winning triumph, social gaming is focused on the human psychology of strong necessity to make connections. It is monetized via advertising, in-game offers, virtual goods purchased by the players. Social games are integrated into such platforms as Facebook and give the possibility of fun and interaction to the users. Their boost is explained mainly by the fact that social gaming is more culturally and morally accepted in comparison with betting, for example, but they still perform at a high level of monetization.

The business model of social game monetization is based on the Freemium concept: when the player is using a game for free, but he or she is prompted to make micropayments to get access to the premium content. And this works harder under the pandemic influence on the people’s finance: players do not tend to spend much but being involved in gameplay, they are pretty ready to invest micropayments. Here is the very secret of social gaming boost and its potential to earn money. even presents the research of social gamers archetypes (characteristics features profile to match the gameplay with the users’ needs):

Social Gamers Archetypes

And here are many insights into how your social gaming business can retain players successfully to bring you more revenue.

Online Casinos Boost In 2021

Not all entertainers are satisfied by the virtual world of social gaming. They are willing to feel the drive of real casino gameplay. And here is the background of online casinos’ tremendous revenue boost. As it is mentioned by DailyHawker about half of the adult UK population (24 million on average) is involved in gambling in 2021. So, starting an online casino seems to be a profitable trend because of:

  • its growing popularity (PlayToday reports $53.7 billion casino revenue in 2019, and $227 billion in 2020);
  • increasing of a personal gambling budget (Statista calculated $600 per player in Las Vegas in 2020 in comparison with the $527 in 2019)

“The current number of regulated online betting in the US supports the idea that there’s both an audience and finance to invest. Legislators even catch the fact that taxable revenue from virtual casinos is able to decrease revenues of the sports wagering markets”

Scott Manford, CEO of Wizard Slots,
leading slots UK provider
(in his interview for Forbes)

The quote proves the idea that online casinos go even further than the sports betting market. But in both sectors, another gaming trend is revealed. It is a cryptocurrency, which is a blockchain empowered payment method contributing certain incentives for gamblers.

Blockchain And The Rise Of Cryptocurrency As An Option To Increase Revenue

Blockchain contributes not only to safe convenient payments in gaming, it’s truly beneficial for gaming as a whole.

Blockchain Benefits In Gaming

The benefits of cryptocurrency as a blockchain-empowered tool are obvious:

  • payments are safe, anonymous, and smoother than payments associated with the player’s banking account;
  • crypto payments make winning payments and betting process not so risky (sometimes if the player deposits from a personal banking account it can be blocked), so more users are attracted;
  • cryptocurrency payment method comes across legislative local restrictions less than banking payouts and deposits.

Mobile Gaming: Trends Empowering Gaming App Development

Revenue-boosting features are implied not only in blockchain or morally accepted social gaming but they also can be found in mobile gaming. Because playing on mobile is accessible, and long-lasting due to the possibility to play everywhere at any time. Trends in mobile gaming comprise the following features targeting users’ comfort:

  • built-in group video chats to overcome social distancing (“Poker Face” app issued by the Cumunix Ltd. came across 64% revenue growth after introducing this feature under quarantine restrictions. Players were depicted as sitting around Poker table);
  • adding collection mechanics to the game (“Slotomania” allows players to arrange meetups due to the board bonuses gained, and this boosted players’ activity by 64%);
  • the option of the game events’ customized design adds more involvement and excitement for the users making the game more popular and profitable as well.

The list above can be continued but it’s worth considering only one impressive figure to understand that outsourcing gaming mobile app development is able to bring you high revenues. Statista calculated user penetration in mobile gaming to be 23.9% in 2021 and forecasted to be 28.5% by 2025. That is a vivid benchmark to measure the popularity of the trend.

Global Games Market by Region

Overview Of Technology Trends And Tips For Startups In Gaming

The gaming market is growing and a variety of options exist to focus on. It can be:

  • eSports betting apps with ML algorithms applied to deliver odds calculations;
  • social gaming with a high level of in-game purchasing and huge monetization;
  • mobile gaming with such trendy features as collection gameplay mechanics, socializing game gatherings in the chat, and customizable events options to increase users’ deep involvement;
  • online casino with cryptocurrency deposits, gift cards, and quick anonymous winning payouts.

The above-mentioned options tend to be implemented via VR and AR technologies to make game reality entertaining and catching, blockchain to produce safe and secure gaming platforms, AI to create customizable offers in gaming for the users.

Whatever you choose for earning money, it’s worth considering the following trends in the gaming market: increased diversity in gameplay, art design, and game features to capture users’ attention as well as using blockchain technology to introduce safe payments, anonymous deposits without risk for finance to be held by the bank. These options will ease scaling the games you develop, fasten ROI obtaining, and bring more revenue. That is why it’s reasonable to contact the company which has awareness of the modern gaming trends and portfolio depicting how they implement new tech issues into featured game design.

If you need assistance in building a product from scratch or supporting the existing one, drop us a line to discuss details, and we will reply within 24 hours.