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The development of 2D / 3D slots with bonus games of various complexity levels is one of our expertise. We start from brainstorming ideas unless the Client provides their own, continue with prototyping, building a slot version with a skeletal structure and core options, developing, testing, and releasing. Our teams create beautiful and engaging slots due to years of experience and non-stop market research.

Virtual Reality

Allow the players of your game to dive into a sophisticated virtual reality world that they will not want to leave via a headset or a mobile device.We can help you to take your game to the next level and engage a wider playing audience by augmenting it with an innovative virtual reality technology. Our teams know first-hand how to build a quality VR game with an appropriate architecture approach, clear front-end, and powerful backend.

Sports Betting

Sports betting application development has never been this digitally adept and highly operational as it is with our iGaming technical expertise.Whether it is a sports betting website or a mobile application for iOS and Android, our team of experts can be of great help. We know the market and are versed in developing legally-compliant and user-friendly online betting platforms.Let us know your vision and basic requirements toward the future product, and we will create a step-by-step development roadmap to deliver on time and budget.


Get unparalleled poker software development services. We can take on the responsibility to develop a web-based or mobile poker application powered by innovative, cutting-edge technologies from start to end.Our teams know how to create an intuitive user interface that can readily undergo any customization if required. Also, by implementing various poker game modes, multilinguality, and multiplayer functionally, we will help you broaden the target audience.Let’s develop a state-of-the-art poker for any platform together!


Innovecs teams of artists, designers, and software engineers have years of experience developing secure and high-performing iLottery platforms. We have great examples of iLotteries in our portfolio.By leveraging the right technologies, we create 2D / 3D lottery designs, custom UI / UX for different platforms, perform reliable RNG logic, and secure payment integrations.If you need to build a custom iLottery platform with a set of specific features, let's talk and discuss details.


We help keep our clients’ focus on entertaining gamers while we focus on assets, code and infrastructure to make it all come to life
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