Club Spinner for Imagina Gaming

General Information

This game provides a Basic and a Top (Club) game. It uses a single set of 3 reels used for both game modes. The game is played in credits, with 1 credit always having a fixed value of € 0,10. The symbol sequences on reels (reelstrips) are unique for each bet mode. The Basic game is played with one credit per spin on a single central payline and offers a hold feature - both in manual and auto modes. Depending on a combination, system may activate hold on one or two reels, so that next spin potentially brings a higher chance for a successful winning combination. Promising positions of the reels are held automatically. A player can always use the corresponding hold buttons to manually hold up to two desired reels at any moment, except for when a hold was used in previous round or, after a winning round. The Reset/Collect button allows to reset the holds.

Our client

Imagina Gaming is the technology-first company, focused on innovation and passionate about enabling an industry lacking in fresh ideas by doing things differently. They create most individual gaming experiences on the market that turn the tide of the whole industry.

Our contribution

Front-end development and server integration.

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Web, Mobile (iOS / Android)


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